I am an employee of Roku working in data engineering team. We have clear guidance from the VP of Programming and Engagement on The Roku Channel data manipulation. We add streaming numbers and have exaggerated reach by 90%.

Roku's The Roku Channel is currently streamed by avg 4.2M active accounts every quarter.

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Roku is first to market but it doesn't make them best in-class. Competition is doing so well. See Fire TV and Google TV. Both are killing it in international market. Roku is successful because of Chinese parternships nothing else.

A friend of mine who works there mentioned Roku manipulates The Roku Channel data a lot to mislead advertisers. Their VP of Programming and Engagement Mr. Rob Holmes leads the data manipulation illegal activities. The Roku Channel is barely any viewership and it's a failed business. Anthony Wood wants to run it because they have invested so much in it.

Someone should ask Roku executives to post viewership & streaming numbers for the Roku Channel. You will probably be surprised to see how badly they are doing.

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Roku runs fraud business practices. They never share how The Roku Channel is being effective to their audience. Our research indicates only 5M users stream content on The Roku Channel. Rest 65M users are exposed to the Roku Channel by showing banner ads.

Roku lacks innovation see Google TV and FireTV UX. It's so much better than Roku. Executives are lazy and lacks future perspective. They have failed big time in international expansion despite of being in business for 20 years.

They can't crack international bec they don't know how to make money.

Last perhaps most important Roku culture is very racist(heard from some friends who work there). No one is excited to work there. People spend some time either to get fired or maximize their tenure then run away. Such companies can never survive.

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